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Your health information is collected and protected under Alberta's Health Information Act. At WFMP, we respect your confidentiality and privacy. Your health information is collected in accordance with section 20 of the Health Information Act.

We want our patients to feel completely assured that their visits, results and treatments will be kept in the strictest of confidence.  When staff are handling information within WFMP, every care is taken in the relaying of information concerning patients to other staff members and the physicians.  WFMP takes great pride in handling all details in a professional and diplomatic manner.

Staff are trained that they are not, either during or after employment with WFMP, to disclose any third party information concerning the patients or business of WFMP.  Staff familiarize themselves with the Health Information Act and WFMP's Privacy Impact Assessment as well as sign a Confidentiality Oath whereby they fully acknowledge that a breech of confidentiality would lead to immediate termination for just cause as well as legal issues may be pursued.

If you have questions with regards to privacy at WFMP,

please contact the Privacy Officer.

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