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If you are looking to join a well organized patient centered team then look no further, WFMP is for you.  Our team and clinic are located in Wetaskiwin, a short drive south of the International Airport.

What we offer:

  • Orientation to our clinic and community.

  • Flexibility as we want everyone to have the type of practice they are looking for.

  • Long Term competent friendly staff who help with the burden of the business portion of being a doctor.

  • A large and varied patient profile with as much technology as we can get our hands on.

  • Reasonable overhead.  Fixed amount.

We are an award winning team which collaborates with other organizations to provide the best care we can be as we push to pursuit our mission of being a Medical Home for our patients.  We are looking for employees who are looking to make a difference.

Current Openings:

- Full Time / Part Time Family Doctors

- Locums

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