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Why do the Doctors only book one month in advance?

Scheduling is difficult.  The Doctors who work in the Emergency department only get the Emergency Schedule one month in advance. Their schedule opens for the following month on the 15th (or the next business day). 

Why can't I get my test results over the phone?

Test results are not given over the telephone. If there is a result that the Doctor feels requires follow-up, you will be contacted by our office to schedule an appointment. If you wish to check on results from tests, please phone the office and book an appointment.  An option for this is to use MyHealth Records.

MOA's do not have the training to provide guidance on your test results.

Can I call the office to speak to my Doctor?

Yes! Most Doctors at WFMP do offer phone call appointments. You will still have to book an appointment as Doctors need to know what patients are being seen when.  If you have a medical concern, please book an appointment to see your doctor either on the phone or in person.


If one of my family members has an appointment, can I be added to their appointment?

Doctors are usually booked to their capacity and if we add another person that would mean we are double booking the doctor.  When the doctor is overbooked it increases wait times at the clinic.

I have a form to be filled out, can I just drop it at the office to have it completed?​

Forms should be taken with you to your scheduled appointment as up to date information in crucial in completing forms. Prior to giving the form to your physician, make sure that all patient information in completed, including your signature authorizing the release of your medical information. You will be contacted to retrieve the forms once they have been completed. Typically, there are charges for forms completed in the office.


Are any of the Doctors at WFMP accepting new patients?

Currently, no Doctors at WFMP are accepting new patients.

Why can't my Doctor give me a year refill for my prescriptions?

Medication use requires close medical supervision. It is important that your prescription is renewed on time. Your physician needs to determine whether the medication and dosage is correct for your condition, or whether you are having any side effects.

How do I get my prescription renewed?

It is important that your prescription is renewed on time. We encourage you to make an appointment as certain medications require follow up. 

Will my Doctor see me if I am unable to come to the clinic?

Most of the Doctors at WFMP will see shut-in, lodge or palliative care patients.  Please speak to your Doctor if you require one of these services.

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