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When Albertan's need healthcare, most of the time they turn to Primary Health Services. Visits to family doctors, consults with nurses, telephone calls to Healthlink, and advice from pharmacists are just some examples of Primary Health Services. The Wetaskiwin Primary Care Network was formed by local doctors and Alberta Health to offer additional health services to patients with the end goal to improve access to primary care within the community.

At WFMP, we are fortunate to have awesome staff provided to our office by the Wetaskiwin PCN.  Cheryl and Lisa assist the Physicians in providing primary care. These services can range from taking out your sutures, providing injections and helping you learn about managing your chronic diseases.

To find out about what other services are available through the Wetaskiwin PCN, please click the following link to the Wetaskiwin Primary Care Network.

Wetaskiwin PCN

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