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Community Supports

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Social determinants (non-medical conditions that significantly affect health and quality of life)
have a profound effect on many aspects of our health.

Access to healthy food, safe affordable housing, medication, transportation, and childcare

all contribute to improved overall health outcomes.

There are a surprising number of resources available: federally, provincially and in our
community. By knowing these resources we can work toward helping our patients navigate the
applicable resources in a safe and confidential way.

WFMP has a Community Wellness Navigator that has a large knowledge base of where to direct
people to in order to access different resources that might be applicable to help their specific
situation. This will be beneficial to our patients, their families, and our community as a whole.
If you feel that you would benefit from a discussion regarding the resources available in our
community, provincially and federally, please contact Kandis, WFMP’s Community Wellness
Navigator at or direct at 780-312-1701.

For additional information, please look at our Community Supports Program Brochure below:


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