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At WFMP we take great pride in having you as a patient.  The following list will help prepare you for your visit - whether its your first or hundredth.​​

  • Make sure you check in upon arrival to the office with either the staff or the self-check in kiosk / QR Code.  We don't know you are here if you don't.

  • Bring your Alberta Health Card - you may be asked for it.

  • Arrive on time.  Some of the Doctors at WFMP run exactly on time and being late for an appointment with them may mean that we would have to reschedule your appointment.

  • If your Doctor tends to runs late, feel free to call the office to see if they are running on time so that you know what time you can/should come. 

  • If your visit is in regards to a WCB Claim, make sure that reception gets all the  information required to process your claim.  

  • We will check your demographic information each time you come.  We do this to ensure that if we need to get in contact with you, we can.

  • Children cannot be left unattended in the waiting room while you are seeing the doctor.  The staff have jobs to do and cannot be responsible for your children.

  • Turn your cellphone to silent once you enter the office.  If you need to talk on the telephone, please go outside or to the vestibule as it is very distracting to the other patients.

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