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7 Steps to Create New Habits

1. Start with Small Changes – This is an important step to ensure success. Attempting too much at once can lead to failure and discouragement. Small, consistent changes lead to victory.

2. Tie New Habits to Other Activities – For example, if you often forget to take your medication, plan to do it in connection with other daily activities such as at mealtime or bedtime, or when you brush your teeth in the morning.

3. Some Practice is Better Than No Practice – If you are too tired to clean the entire bathroom, just clean the toilet or the counters. Consistency leads to bigger changes.

4. Tell Somebody About Your New Habit – Sharing our plans with others helps us to remain accountable.

5. Track Your Habit - Record in a journal, notebook or calendar each time you practice your new habit. This can be satisfying as you look back at your success.

6. Make Changes to Your Environment – An example of this would be to replace the cookies and cakes in your home with bowls of fruit and healthy snacks.

7. Celebrate Your Success – Reward yourself in small ways to maintain motivation. Make sure that these rewards don’t contradict with your goals.

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